Emblem Approved For Shetland Hamefarin 2010

25 June 2008

Shetland Hamefarin LogoThe emblem for the Shetland Hamefarin 2010 has been agreed by the Hamefarin Committee. Designed by Andrew Morrison of Shetland Litho, the emblem represents the journey home and the growing excitement for the traveller as the land appears from the sea in the near distance. It also reflects Shetland’s strong relationship with the sea, until recently the main link between the isles and the world that thousands of Shetlanders have travelled. The warm oranges and reds of the sky recall the long, magical summer night – the Simmer Dim, stressing Shetland’s unique northern location. This glowing sky is also a symbol of Shetland’s fiery heritage.

Speaking on behalf of the Hamefarin Committee, Douglas Irvine congratulated Andrew Morrison for his clever design of mixing traditional vibrant colours of Fair Isle patterns with more modern shapes and styles. He said that “ the emblem will be used in every aspect of the promotion of the Shetland Hamefarin in 2010 and it can also be used for the merchandise such as bags, car stickers, jewellery and clothing.”

The next meeting of the Hamefarin Committee in September will concentrate on the use of the new emblem in the planning of the event. In the meantime the Hamefarin website www.shetlandhamefarin.com will be updated to use the new emblem.