Plans For 2010 Hamefarin Take Shape

25 July 2007

The dates for Shetland Hamefarin 2010 have been set by the organising committee.  A mid summer event has been favoured between the 14th and 27th June 2010. From day one to day 14 a packed programme of events is being organised to attract as many people as possible back to Shetland to celebrate 50 years of Hamefarin.

Headline events include the Welcome to Shetland function on day one, the Flavour of Shetland Event over the first weekend, a Hamefarin dance on the Friday night of the second weekend and the final extravaganza on the last Saturday night.  A number of concerts are being planned featuring local and hopefully a few visiting artists. Every district of Shetland will be given the opportunity to plan its own day for returning visitors. Shetland is organising a holiday where hamefarers can relax, explore the Auld Rock, research kin, and have fun!  Music workshops and lectures on all aspects of Shetland’s past, present and future aspirations will give visitors every chance to find out about their Shetland roots.  A central Hamefarin club will provide a peaceful atmosphere for people to “redd kin” and exchange yarns from all over the planet. There will also be ample opportunity for people to engage in leisure pursuits and to join local congregations for worship on the two Hamfarin Sabbath days.

Shetland’s New Museum and Archives will be a major attraction in the Hamefarin 2010 festival. The newly opened Museum and Archives is an architectural triumph and its situation at Hay’s Dock could not have been planned any better. Exploring this new treasure will take at least half of one day so Hamefarers are advised to plan this into their holiday. The Museum is also planning to host exhibitions and lectures as part of the Hamefarin programme.

Over the next few months communities throughout Shetland will be encouraged to come forward with ideas for Hamefarin trips to every corner of Shetland. Some places have made early approaches to the organising committee. The programme has days built in to take Hamefarers all over Shetland to see and experience the Shetland way of life in the modern world.

To date there have been 196 clear expressions of interest registered on our website. This is very encouraging so early in the planning for Shetland 2010. Shetland casts a wide net over the globe. The respondents have replied from 15 different countries and  while countries such as England, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Canada and USA feature highest, it would be really fine to welcome people back from as many countries as possible. We still need to hear from people living in Africa and South America.